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Revolutionizing Access to Life-Saving Therapies: The Cell & Gene Therapy (CGT) Consortium

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Mannheim (DE) – Cell & Gene Therapy (CGT) Consortium, where innovation meets collaboration to revolutionize access to life-saving therapies. Established December 2023 in Mannheim, our consortium brings together a diverse group of stakeholders from around the globe, including manufacturers, treatment centers, regulators, service providers, and ecosystem partners, all united with the common goal: to accelerate the development of decentralized supply for cell therapies.


 Part of the Consortium are so far:   


  • Adva Biotechnology 
  • Arvato 
  • Cellex. Cell Professionals 
  • Hitachi 
  • Hypertrust 
  • Swissfinity Group 
  • Tigen 



At our core, we recognize the urgent need for progress because less than 10% of cancer patients currently have access to these transformative therapies. This statistic is not just a number; it represents lives waiting for healing. That’s why we’ve come together, pooling our expertise, passion, and resources to make a difference. 


Focusing Our Mission: Collective Commitments 


Our efforts are guided by a commitment to collaboration through extensive discussions, stakeholder meetings, and interviews, we’ve developed a concept for defining common principles, terminology, and user experiences. This concept not only focusses on processes but also enhances communication between manufacturing and healthcare organizations. 


As we move forward, we are excited to continue our work and build up our momentum. Together, we can overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of progress and ensure that every patient in need has access to the life-saving therapies they deserve. 


Join us in shaping the future of cell and gene therapy. Together, we can make a difference!  

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