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Pharma Companies

Pharma Companies

Benefits for Pharma Companies

Making personalized therapies more secure, reliable and scalable by optimizing the complex closed-loop supply chains of these treatments. 


  • Immutable end to end audit trails to comply with standards and regulations to ensure transparency, trust and quality 
  • Supply Chain orchestration and optimization helping to improve processing costs increasing ROI in personalized treatments 
  • Process automation and enterprise grade capabilities to optimize personalized medicine manufacturing and logistics 
  • Highest industry standards: end to end pharma validated, FDA 21 CRF Part 11 compliant, GxP grade solution, ISBT-128 compliant labeling 
  • Secure and private by default – transparent where needed 
  • Flexible and adoptable: level of product lifecycle (pre-clinical to commercialization) AND type of ATMP (allogenic, autologous, …) can be adjusted to cover future needs 
  • One step ahead of your competitors: X-Chain provides an additional most valuable USP 

Strong Partners for Strong
Supply Chains

Together with our partner ecosystem, we offer extended end-to-end services tailored to specific
industrial, organisational, and regional needs.
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Get to know the world-wide first supply chain planning solution to infuse resilience, intelligence, and excellence into your operations with zero latency on all levels.
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