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Chain of custody tracking made easy

The cloud solutions we offer in the medical field are suitable for both research and direct treatments. Our supply chain traceability solutions for documenting the custody chain can be completely adapted to your specific needs.

We offer you tailor-made solutions to digitally document all steps of a drug study or treatment sequence from the very first second. Using the example of a treatment plan, you can prove at any time what was administered at what time and in what amount. It is also possible to expand the program so that all individual raw materials of one or more preparations can be viewed immediately. Not only visible in the form of the composition, but also visible from which source they come, which purchase price is based and many other factors that are important to you. Such meticulous documentation down to the smallest detail was previously only possible with very complex measures. Manpower and error rate when transferring data should not be underestimated. All of this is now a thing of the past with our tailor-made cloud solutions.

Individual supply chain management

Cloud-based solutions are becoming increasingly important in everyday medical practice. The advantages that they bring with them cannot be denied by anyone. It is possible to record all relevant parameters much more precisely than ever before. You and your patients can rest assured that we attach great importance to data protection issues. The supply chain management (SCM) solutions we create for you are subject to the highest security precautions. Our work should benefit you and your patients. It is a personal concern of ours to enrich medicine so that we can break new ground. Supply chain management is also revolutionary for traditional treatment methods. From now on, a practice can be tracked down to the last detail with the simplest means. Necessary modifications can be made to achieve better treatment results. But also the possibility of tailoring a therapy specifically to the needs of an individual patient is given by following the custody chain. Since our cloud-based solutions can be individually adapted, it is only possible to name a few examples. Each user also sets their own priorities. We would be very happy to explain the advantages of our SCM solutions to you in a personal meeting.


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