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Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products
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Taking Advanced
Therapy Medicinal Products to The Next Level

Hypertrust enables pharmaceutical and biotech companies to design, set up, plan, orchestrate, operate, and scale a frictionless supply chain.

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The Core

We are proud to present our extended Hypertrust X-Chain: The worldwide first supply chain management solution for Advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMP). Compared to traditional medicines, the supply chain management of personalized medicine is drastically more complex, requiring specific temperatures, rigorous quality standards and coordination. Hypertrust X-Chain allows customers to invest their expertise directly in the success of their therapy instead of being burdened with background processes.
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All Processes - One Solution

End-to-end supply chain management solution for ATMP. A smooth and perfectly operating supply chain of personalized treatments. Frictionless and fully integrated end-to-end supply chain management in one solution with the maximum level of security and control. Easy access and flexible integration into existing systems


Secure & Transparent

Data Security Standards

Compared to traditional medicines, novel personalized therapies like ATMP including cell & gene therapies require additional stakeholders along the treatment process. Orchestration of the full treatment supply chain is complex and requires integration and standardization. Security based on latest technologies and pharmaceutical standards. Full transparency and traceability – chain of identity, chain of custody and audit trails.



We Support You Through All Stages

Hypertrust X-Chain is the world’s first end-to-end supply chain management for ATMP, scaling with businesses from (pre-)-clinical trials to (post-)-commercialization. It ensures reliable medical treatment with all steps permanently documented across all stakeholders.

Treatments on all personalization levels and all phases from (pre-)-
clinical phases to (post-)-commercialization.

All in one solution

Using latest technology is crucial for your success. But is one solution enough? Now it is. X-Chain covers all key steps of Advanced therapy medicinal products closed-loop supply and data chains. Available as full-service mix-and-match solution or integrated full-service all-in-one solution.

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Our Open X-Cellerator Community

Elevate your impact by joining the Open X-Cellerator Community! Curious minds, visionary thinkers, and healthcare pioneers gather here to shape the next era of ATMP (Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products). Don’t miss out on our electrifying events that spark innovation, foster collaboration, and drive change. Unleash your potential in redefining healthcare – together, at Open X-Cellerator Community.


Get to know the world-wide first supply chain planning solution to infuse resilience, intelligence, and excellence into your operations with zero latency on all levels.
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