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Roche and Hypertrust Patient Data Care test blockchain solution for personalized healthcare

Roche and Hypertrust

Basel (CH), Munich (DE), July, 2020 The Digital Incubator Supply Chain team at Roche and Hypertrust Patient Data Care now announced the successful proof of concept for a blockchain-based backbone solution to support the supply chain processes of personalized healthcare (PHC) products.


The solution is based on the innovative Hypertrust Patient Data Care platform “Hypertrust X-Chain for Commercialized Treatments”. “We really appreciate Hypertrust Patient Data Care not only delivering results always in time and in highest quality, but also bringing in all their domain expertise to explore and pioneer together with Roche on an use-case of blockchain in personalized healthcare context”, says Ricky Alas, Digital Transformation Lead at Roche.


With the proof of concept, Hypertrust and Roche prepare the way for further progress in fighting cancer and making immunotherapies more secure, reliable and scalable by optimizing the complex closed loop supply chains of these treatments. The implemented solution simulates a commercialized state of a Roche cancer treatment. The project is powered by the proven Hypertrust X-Chain and utilizes a novel blockchain based workflow engine. The platform orchestrates the complex supply chain and treatment procedure by the means of a decentralized application that processes the workflow. The high-level description of the supply chain and treatment procedure is immutably stored on the blockchain for processing and updating.


The core of the Hypertrust X-Chain solution is a workflow engine powered by smart contracts that processes the workflow description and monitors its step-by-step proceedings. The platform performs conditional checks based on submitted data and can emit event-based notifications by email and other means to all parties involved. Other highlights include a flexible administration system based on different roles with configurable security credentials, a visual representation for each step of an individual treatment, connections to external live APIs of transport service providers and a complete and tamper-proof audit-trail of all recorded processes.


Hypertrust’s X-Chain is the leading blockchain solution for accelerated personalized treatments. It can operate on on-premise hardware, in hybrid setups, or completely cloud-based. The core of the Hypertrust platform is a highly configurable workflow engine which permits event notifications and conditional checks based on recorded data. Individualized NeoAntigen Specific Immunotherapy (iNest) is an innovative cancer vaccine developed by Roche and currently in clinical trial-stage.


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