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Orchestration for Cell & Gene Therapies in a Nutshell


Munich (DE) – Cell & gene therapies (CGT) is here to revolutionize modern healthcare offering unique opportunities to develop new therapeutic approaches to treat and potentially cure myriad diseases.


But the end-to-end coordination of supply chain management for those type of therapies – personalized therapies – is hence complex and poses many challenges. To coordinate multiple stakeholders touch-points and support the small-batch production, planning and manufacturing digital platforms are needed.

The Hypertrust Patient Data Care (HPDC) orchestration platform has been applied to CGTs and consists of several levels to offer valuable features to support each step in the patient & product journey. The Hypertrust X-Chain solution architecture is based on a modular model designed to meet the needs of both early clinical and late commercial stage therapies.



In the current video in collaboration with Bioinsights, our colleagues Andreas Göbel and Dr. Camila Mendes share insightful details about Hypertrust Patient Data Care and the orchestration platform, especially the Hypertrust X-Chain platform. If you would like access to the full video, simply fill out the form below.


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