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Whitepaper: Revolutionizing Cell & Gene Therapy Orchestration through the use of a Point-of-Care Manufacturing Model


Munich (DE) – Personalized cell and gene therapies are emerging capabilities that are transforming patient care as we know it. In the following joint Whitepaper with Dell and CellPoint, you can learn more about Personalized Cell and Gene Therapy Orchestration and its implications on logistical processes.


Personalized treatments, like autologous cell therapies, are based on a single patient’s input from which a medicine is produced specifically for each patient. This process uses very small batch sizes for production, which limits the potential for productivity improvements via volume or scale as in traditional manufacturing approaches.


In turn, this means that the manufacturing and logistics processes in personalized therapies hold many opportunities to reduce costs and improve productivity. Optimization will help accelerate and expand the possibilities and use cases for personalized treatments. Hypertrust Patient Data Care, together with CellPoint and by using Dell Technologies solutions, has built a new approach that is revolutionizing personalized cell and gene therapies.

Because the supply chain for the manufacturing process is closed loop and very distributed among different touch points, there are many opportunities to apply productivity enhancing measures. For instance, a root cause for high cost and effort in this case is the heavy reliance on logistics: time frames are tights and rigid temperature conditions are required.

A novel point-of-care production model is a promising approach to reducing costs and production times for personalized cell and gene therapies. The production facility is installed directly at the hospital in which patients are treated so that the manufacturing process can take place at the point-of-care. The need to freeze, thaw, and transport materials is eliminated, and production is centrally managed by specialized biotech companies.

This is what Hypertrust Patient Data Care and CellPoint are doing to transform autologous cell therapies, such as chimeric antigen receptor T cell therapies (CAR-T).


Download the Whitepaper here to find out more about this.


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