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Future of Advanced and Personalized Therapies – Cell and Gene Therapy Insights Article

Cell an Gene Therapy
Read the thoughts of our CEO Andreas Göbel and our Head of Business Development Dr. Camila Mendes on “Cell and Gene Therapy Orchestration: Real-Time Supply Chain Management” in the November issue of Cell & Gene Therapy Insights by BioInsights. In this article, they highlight the potential of cell and gene therapy orchestration software for personalized and novel therapies. They outline the critical features and key considerations for an orchestration platform and describe the stage in the product lifecycle where each phase begins to realize its full value. What role will such technologies play in the medical industry going forward?
As more cell and gene therapies enter the market, many pharmaceutical companies are currently reviewing their supply chains and adapting them to the complexity and demands associated with these novel therapies. CGT’s complex, highly collaborative supply chains require control and visibility to meet the very high safety, resilience and speed requirements associated with the underlying drugs. Complex manufacturing processes, high levels of coordination during the product and patient journey, and new compliance requirements are required. As a result, it’s nearly impossible to manage more than 50 patients per year with simple tools like Excel spreadsheets and web portals. And that’s where Hypertrust Patient Data Care’s thought leadership comes in, focusing on managing closed supply chains and optimizing supply chain planning.

High value of Orchestration Platforms for biotech companies

There is a “magic tool” that can provide the necessary support here – one that has been talked about for a number of years: the cell and gene therapy orchestration platform. Biotech companies may need orchestration platform capabilities that support regulatory requirements, such as chain of identity, chain of custody, logistics management, and overall collaboration. An orchestration platform is typically a computerized application that coordinates all cross-enterprise critical activities within the supply chain and supports improved supply chain management in make-to-order environments by implementing complete supply chain protocols (clinical, laboratory, manufacturing, and logistics). The orchestration platform executes these protocols through a workflow engine and provides a therapy control tower and data capture with reporting that realizes the identity and chain of custody. To understand the need for such a platform and its associated methodologies, it is important to look at the history of traditional manufacturing planning.
The manufacturing process of personalized medicines begins with the extraction of raw materials and ends with the administration of the final product. The greatest potential for optimizing the performance of a therapeutic product lies in the design of the supply chain network itself. An orchestration platform with simulation and modeling capabilities for supply chain networks can support the realization of this potential.
If you want to go deeper into this topic, you should read through the article. Here you can download the full article “Cell and Gene Therapy Orchestration: Real-Time Supply Chain Management – About the Potential of Cell and Gene Orchestration Software” for free.


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