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ATMP Orchestration Solution Hypertrust X-Chain Runs On Award-Winning UX/UI Design

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Munich (DE), November 5th, 2023 We’re excited to share that Elixum, our parent company, has received the prestigious Red Dot Design Award for its outstanding UX/UI design.


The Red Dot Design Award is a globally recognized symbol that honors exceptional design quality and innovation across various industries. We are particularly pleased with this award because it benefits our customers. Our solution Hypertrust X-Chain for  Supply Chain Management of ATMPs (Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products), is also built on Elixum Design System.


The award recognizes Elixum’s commitment to crafting innovative user interfaces, delivering exceptional UX/UI solutions that combine aesthetics and functionality. This win reaffirms our position at the forefront of cutting-edge design, influencing not just Elixum’s products but also enriching the user experience within Hypertrust X-Chain.


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