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Hypertrust joins forces with Tamer Healthcare in a groundbreaking MOU

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Munich/Saudi-Arabia (DE/KSA), December 11th, 2023 We are happy to announce a groundbreaking development in the realm of personalized therapies. Hypertrust is proud to share that we have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Tamer Healthcare, paving the way for a remarkable leap in the infrastructure supporting Cell & Gene Therapies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).


The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Hypertrust and Tamer Healthcare, signifies a remarkable advancement in building the infrastructure for personalized therapies, specifically focusing on Cell & Gene Therapies, in the KSA. This MOU is geared towards establishing a Joint Venture (JV) between Hypertrust and Tamer, aiming to create a robust ecosystem that integrates both digital and physical infrastructure.


Seamless Market Access and Commercialization of Personalized Therapies


The goal is to facilitate seamless market access and commercialization of these groundbreaking therapies, with a central focus on saving lives and enhancing the overall quality of life for patients in the Kingdom. The JV is poised not only to elevate KSA’s standing as a regional biotech hub but also to nurture the growth of the sector.

The key objectives of this partnership include:


  1. Providing state-of-the-art digital and physical infrastructure to biotech companies tailored to support the unique requirements of personalized therapies.
  2. Provide a favorable environment for biotech companies to thrive, encouraging innovation and research in the personalized therapy space. Facilitate collaboration between global biotech companies and KSA’s healthcare ecosystem to enhance knowledge sharing and expertise.
  3. Offer comprehensive support to biotech companies who are interested in conducting clinical trials or commercialization of their personalized therapies in the Kingdom.
  4. Further enable KSA as a leading regional hub for biotech activities through initiatives involving attracting investments, fostering a vibrant ecosystem for life sciences and healthcare innovation, and encouraging partnerships with regional stakeholders.



About Tamer

Tamer Group was established over 100 years ago (1922) as an integrated healthcare and wellness Group in Saudi Arabia, the Middle East and North African region, offering a portfolio of products and services that contribute to personal wellness and public health. Today, the group has over 4000 employees with various subsidiaries across manufacturing, healthcare, investments, innovation, logistics, consumer, and services.
Tamer has solidified its position as the leading pharmaceutical distributor in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, boasting a market share exceeding 20%. Tamer’s extensive services and manufacturing capabilities in the pharmaceutical sector extend to government hospitals, private and polyclinics, pharmacies, wholesalers, and beyond. Among these capabilities, Tamer brings substantial expertise in areas such as treatment awareness, patient support programs, outcome monitoring, and the preparedness of treatment centers. Tamer’s pharma wing has been dedicated to meet the growing healthcare needs of the region through innovation, commitment, and perseverance.


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